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December 2019 – Mathigon, a London-based EdTech startup, has raised $500k to create the next generation of online resources for mathematics education.

The company started as a spare-time project by former Google engineer Philipp Legner, who volunteered with mathematics outreach projects while studying at Cambridge University. Mathigon quickly grew in popularity, won some of the most prestigious awards in education (GESS Awards Winner, QS Reimagine Education Awards Winner, The Edtech Podcast Festival Pitch Winner, BETT Awards Finalist, EdTech Digest Awards Finalist, Webby Awards Honouree, UCL EdWards Recipient), and now has over 600k active users per year. But this is only the beginning, and Mathigon’s mission is bold: to ensure that every student enjoys learning mathematics, and to create the “Textbook of the Future”.

“I loved mathematics throughout my education, and built Mathigon so that all students can have a similar experience”, Philipp says.

Unlike existing apps and platforms, you don’t just consume information and memorise procedures by watching videos or answering multiple-choice questions. At every step, students can actively explore and discover, be creative and curious, learn problem-solving and critical thinking. These skills are becoming increasingly more important, especially in a future defined by artificial intelligence and globalisation.

The content can seamlessly adapt to different students’ ability. A virtual personal tutor provides real-time help and feedback in a chat interface, and students can even ask their own questions. Mathigon developed a completely new curriculum to take advantage of its platform. Every course is filled with colourful illustrations, real-life applications and captivating stories – engaging even the most reluctant students, and showing that mathematics is so much more than just equations.

Mathigon’s new content format is beautifully designed and uniquely interactive. It has been called “a true mathematical wonderland” by The Guardian’s Alex Bellos and “a front-runner for a new generation of textbooks” by Common Sense Education. Mathigon was one of the first companies to participate in UCL’s EDUCATE program and has received phenomenal feedback from students and teachers all around the world. It is completely free to use and has been translated into several languages.

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“Beautifully designed and interactive courses. A front-runner for a new generation of textbooks.”Common Sense Education

“One of the most accessible and engaging maths resources available on the web, a true mathematical wonderland.”Alex Bellos, The Guardian

“A mathematical wonderland.”Simon Singh

“I think Mathigon is going to transform maths education.”Thomas Attrill

“Mathigon is a lush feast for the world of mathematics. Just like Willy Wonka’s factory was playful and interactive, so is the world of Mathigon.”Sunil Singh

“Mathigon is absolutely flippin amazing. For goodness sake go and have a play on everything!”Ben Sparks

“Textbook is the wrong word, because this is something totally new. Unlike the other online interactive textbooks I’ve seen. It’s more … alive.”iLearnTechnology

“The content of Mathigon is superb. It educates and teaches the relevant knowledge, but some sections are also highly readable for pure interest's sake.”Educational App Store

“Mathigon’s content and features transform the reader to a different world.”Shanthi, Teacher

“Some of the best interactive environments online.”Dank Finkel, MathForLove

“One of the most amazing new developments in EdTech!”Drew Foster

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“A treasure chest full of advanced math concepts.”Academics’ Choice Awards

“Mathigon is one of the greatest math resources out there on the internet, no question.”Grant Sanderson, 3blue1brown

“I am simply blown away by the beauty and accessibility of Mathigon's courses: real mathematics, curriculum mathematics in fact, made human, meaningful, and simply joyous. Bravo Mathigon! You are a gift to the maths teaching world.”James Tanton, MAA

“Wow, to say this is the Textbook of the Future would be an understatement!”Matthew Beyranevand

“So amazing. It might change your life!”John Green

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